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Grenfell Tower Fire

Our role is a special one: to get money to the bereaved next of kin who lost loved ones and to those who were hospitalised as a result of the fire.

Other charitable organisations are helping people who were made homeless and destitute. Information about all of the charities that are helping survivors was compiled by the Charity Commission.

So far, we have made payments totalling £2,225,500 to 103 bereaved and injured people.

  • Bereaved next of kin of those who died have received £40,000 each
  • People who were hospitalised for a week have received £20,000 each
  • People who were hospitalised for 6 hours or more have received £3,500 each

Now, thanks to extra funds from the British Red Cross we can more payments to the bereaved and injured. And in a new joint fund with Kensington and Chelsea Foundation we are also able to make some payments – via our colleagues at the Rugby Portobello Trust – to survivors at Grenfell Tower and Grenfell walk who are struggling with the distress and trauma of living through the fire.

This phase of funding has three parts, specifically:

  • A grant of £15,000 will go to each of the 139 households from the Grenfell Tower and a grant of £8,000 will go to the 26 households in Grenfell Walk (totalling £2.293m). Payments will be made by the Rugby Portobello Trust through BACS as soon as possible.
  • the next of kin of those bereaved will receive a further £20,000 for every deceased victim on top of the £40,000 already provided through the London Emergencies Trust; and
  • people who were hospitalised for a week or more by the fire are in line for an extra £5,000, bringing the total in public donations passed to them from the London Fire Relief Fund up to £25,000.

Rob Bell, Director of the London Emergencies Trust says:

“So far, we’ve been focused on helping families who lost loved ones, and those injured. But we know that many survivors are struggling, and they have said clearly that they want distributors to make funds simple to understand and easy to access. That’s what we’ve done – pooled our funds with the K&C Foundation and worked with experienced and trusted distributor Rugby Portobello Trust who will get money to people quickly without too much bureaucracy.”

Check back here or follow us on Twitter at @LET_2017 for updates on how we are distributing donations to the bereaved and injured.