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Grenfell Tower Fire

Our role is a special one: to get money to the bereaved next of kin who lost loved ones and to those who were hospitalised as a result of the fire. Download our short Q&A here.

Other charitable organisations are helping people who were made homeless and destitute. Information about all of the charities that are helping survivors was compiled by the Charity Commission.

LET has been given £8 million from various sources (see Charity Commission link above) to distribute to those caught up in the Grenfell Tower fire.

100% of the donated funds are distributed to Grenfell families and individuals. None of the funds passed to LET are used to cover operating costs.  LET fundraises separately with trusts and foundations to cover its core operating costs. It also relies on significant pro bono support – for example, staff from other charities have been seconded in to assist; office space has been donated free of charge.

Between July and November 2017 bereaved next of kin were awarded charitable gifts in four phases, starting with an initial £20,000 and going on to a total £90,000 for each lost relative. And in a fifth phase of grants in February 2018 bereaved next of kin have been awarded another £10,000 for each lost loved one, taking them to a total of £100,000 from LET.

People who were hospitalised for a week or more have gone from an initial £10,000 to £30,000 over the same period.

And those who were in hospital for between four days and a week have gone from £3,500 to £10,000 over the five months. People hospitalised for more than six hours but less than four days have received £3,500.

In late September we agreed with the British Red Cross to offer charitable grants totalling £773,000 to 165 households at Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk who are struggling with the distress and trauma of living through the fire. About £150,000 of this amount came from money raised by the British Red Cross from the sale of clothes donated by the public for those affected by the fire.

This brings the total amount that will be awarded by LET to those caught up in the tragedy to £7.7 million although we expect this to rise to close to £8 million by the end of the year based on applications that we expect to receive. All of the Grenfell donations LET holds will be passed on to Grenfell families and individuals.

Payments have been made by LET in phases as money was passed to it by fundraising organisations – chiefly the British Red Cross, the London Community Foundation and the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation – and as applicants came forward, or more was known about their individual situations.

We’ve had to maintain a complex balancing act because we’ve had to ring-fence money for up to 100 deceased until the number of deaths was officially confirmed. In November, once the police confirmed that no more than 71 fatalities are now expected at the Tower, LET was able to release these funds to give more help to those who lost loved ones or who were most seriously injured.


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