Survivor and support organisations

Survivors Against Terror is a network of family members who have lost a loved one to terror and survivors of terror attacks. Its mission is to help the UK tackle terrorism more effectively and ensure victims and their families get the support they deserve.

Grenfell United is made up of survivors and bereaved families of the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire, working together for its community and campaigning for safe homes, justice and change.

Manchester Attack Support coordinates information and support services to help all of those affected by the 2017 Manchester Arena attack.

Paddington Survivors Group was set up to try to ensure that others who find themselves in the same position in the future know where to come to.
...and they never have to say.   "I wish I had known that". The group has successfully campaigned for rail safety to be taken more seriously and says that: “We wish to help others by sharing our experiences”.

Victim Support is an independent charity, it works towards a world where people affected by crime or traumatic events get the support they need and the respect they deserve. Its support is free, confidential and “tailored to your needs”.

The Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales is dedicated to promoting the interests of victims and witnesses. The Commissioner:

  • listens to victims and witnesses
  • promotes good practice across criminal justice services
  • reviews the Victims Code and campaigns for change

The Victims’ Commissioner for London works alongside victims, amplifying their voice and promoting their interests throughout the criminal justice system to ensure the victim's voice is heard and lessons learned from their experiences are used to inform and shape practices, polices, services and provision. 

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) deals with compensation claims from people who have been physically or mentally injured because they were the victim of a violent crime in England, Scotland or Wales.

It aims to provide a service that is: sensitive in the way it supports victims; fair and accurate in the way it assesses entitlement to compensation; and efficient.